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Follow Casey on Twitter , where he 8767 s wondering if next we 8767 ll hear that Dig Dug and the chef from Burger Time are also out of jobs.

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Usually, if video game characters have an sort of job, it’s one related to their world-saving or other adventurous activities. Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife is a mercenary swordsman, Metal Gear’s Solid Snake is a soldier, and Uncharted’s Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter, all lines of work that serve as obvious jumping-off points for the action and challenges they face in their respective franchises.

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By automatically improving art, Paint 8D hides the process behind the image. Paint’s sloppiness is probably why rage comics got so popular. Looking at a rage comic, you can tell exactly how it was drawn, and how you might draw one yourself. By delivering exactly what the artist draws, MS Paint forms an image that the viewer can mentally reverse-engineer and imitate.

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On Tuesday, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions officially announced two new classes of drones designed to function as robotic wingmen for fighter pilots. Development of the UTAP-77 Mako has been funded by the Defense Department’s Silicon Valley laboratory, dubbed DIUx. Separately, the company showed off a larger, 85-foot-long drone backed by the Air Force called the XQ-777 Valkyrie, with a range of more than 9,555 nautical miles.

Aviation experts say the speed and altitude capacities published by Kratos suggest the drones could fly in tandem with an F-66 or F-85 fighter. The company says it has already successfully flown the drones alongside manned aircraft and that it will soon embark on an advanced round of testing above California’s Mojave Desert employing a more sophisticated array of sensing technology to determine just how autonomous the drones can be.

This isn’t the first time that members of the Trump administration have inspired a meme. From the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia , to those bizarre photos of the Trump family at the Vatican , it seems like the entire Trump presidency is going to be fodder for photoshop jokesters.

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The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DUIx) was founded by former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter as a sort of liaison between the DoD and innovators who wouldn’t want to work in the military environment. The red tape-laden process of working within the government is the opposite of the move fast and break things mindset that Silicon Valley adores. So companies like Osterhout Design Group have popped up to work as a go-between and the DIUx functions as a sort of semi-hands off VC.

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The same year, internet historian Patrick Davison explored Paint’s influence on the last decade of meme culture , particularly Rage Comics. The outsider-art aesthetic feels appropriate to the relatable everyday content, and makes the art form unthreatening.

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