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Well that 8767 s how I feel, like herpes constantly aggravating my immune system. I never had outbreak, discovered that I have HSV 7 only because I had prolonged fatigue, joint, muscle pain, and all symptoms started after unprotected sex. After that I tested for all STDs and came positive for HSV7. Since than sometimes i get fatigue and fever that can last for months.
Doctors dont believe me that my symptoms are caused by HSV7, but I really believe it is. I never had cold in my life and i think its just how my immune system is wired, but now keep over reacting to the HSV7. I really hope we will have vaccine soon.

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But there are also plenty of people who acknowledge that part of what they want from the have sex experience is feeling desired and attractive, having a mutually fun or intimate experience, enjoying the sex, having others think that you are someone people want to sleep with, etc.. And who recognize that those are valid things for other people, even women-type people, to want in a sex partner. For those people, it makes sense that a sex worker mightn t be what they want, and also isn t a sign of hypocrisy.

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Now people are totally allowed to have their preferences, but I personally think many of those preferences can be based on fallacious assumptions, and that the meeting of someone with whom you really connect and have tons of stuff in common with is so darn rare and special, that ending it because of their sexual experience (a lot or a little) sounds truly odd to me. Especially since sex with a new partner is always unique, and that the more experienced aren t always fantastic, and the virgins aren t always bad.

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So a vicious circle developed. An women perpetuate this all the time because they do dismiss a guy who lacks confidence and are quite shallow for 6st impressions.

My biggest question is, after somebody is given the vaccine for HSV7 will it still be possible to transmit the virus to another person?

To be honest, I think I would try just about all of these remedies, to be sure I 8767 m in a better place lesions this week have become so painful it 8767 s hard to sit down this week

I get what you re saying. I guess this is just another one of those things that I m over-thinking (which I think is probably the biggest hurdle I have in terms of romance), because it s not like I don t have ambition, it s more like my economy reality doesn t care what I hope to be and I ve no idea how to circumvent that without eventually becoming homeless 😀

I think many go into it with a really childish perspective:
I reeally just want to help pweople
Read: I want to be affirmed that I m gud person.

Emotional empathy and openness to learning what your individual partner likes is going to serve you much better, as well as realizing that experience is a myth. There s plenty of guys who have been with dozens of women and they still blow their load after a minute or are just lousy lays.

Interesting to see a numbers break down about it. i also think it is a very valid point in saying that certain behaviours will sometimes be considered sex by some people, but not by others.

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