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Ladyboys: the difference between Thailand and Philippines

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 08:30

hi dear, im really confused, im really looking for real relation with ladyboy , so what do u advice me ? going to pattaya or philpean ? I hear that philpean is not safty for forgines

Rambutri soi close to Kaosarn road, Both area are 55% prostitude + ladyboys bar girl. and 55% educated ladyboys who are better than the first group. many of them work in entertainment or fashion design..

I know there are many men who''d like to have a transsexual girlfriend but lack of information and knowledge. That''s why I want to share my personal experience on the topic. More about me

I thank facebook that i have come across this page of yours. At first I thought it was just an ordinary wall of people, but when i sit down and read your post I get interested. I really like it. Your post about transgender/transsexual bakla & kathoey will help our gay community to be accepted and not humiliated.

Paula, I respect you girls who are in LGBT organisations even when you 8767 re often aggressively defending your cause and make a big deal out of every little detail.

Ton site est de la bombe et pour cela on te remercie. Tu as aussi beaucoup de chance frero, ta copine est top. Elle n 8767 a pas une soeur à presenter?

I was at Time (Makati) last weekend, it 8767 s a regular club (house music / electro) and there was a bunch of TS. I also always see some at Republiq (near the airport).

I would like to meet with you
It is legal and possible in the USA now
You can get a finance visa easily know for a ladyboy things have changed

Well the famous Mixed Nuts which is a ladyboy bar in Burgos, Makati. Also the terraces at Greenbelt 8 are well known to be hunt field for ladyboy freelance prostitutes (therefore cheaper than Mixed Nuts because you don 8767 t pay the bar fine). But wherever you go (regular clubs whether they 8767 re straight or gay) you will get to meet a lot of transgenders anyways, and not just prostitutes.

Hi Trevor and thanks for your message 🙂 That 8767 s a nice story you 8767 re telling us. To my knowledge there is no Asian country that allows same sex marriage unfortunately (but I might be wrong?) and I don 8767 t believe it 8767 s gonna change any sooner

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