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Ladyboys: the difference between Thailand and Philippines

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 14:32

That would be an awesome opportunity to document your operation, if possible. I can 8767 t recommend any hospital for you (as I 8767 m not qualified as a doctor) but many could on Facebook (look for my fan page or my private group).

Hi SImon, Im Margaux, Im Straight gay, I would say Cross Dresser gay. Im wearing shorts, swimsuit but look like man but most like look like a gay. Thank you for the link u send it to me. Thank you again

France just legalised same-sex marriage, which includes a right for foreign partner to become resident of France (if ever you speak French and want to drink wine daily, that could be an option now!).

Hi Simon thanks for a great blog post I know quite a lot of Thai ladyboys so your comments are spot on what is interesting is as they get older their features seem to revert to being more masculine so they need either to accept aging gracefully of undergo even more operations. My wife 8767 s cousin is 88 , very attractive and is going down the more surgery route. Ouch !

I would like to meet with you
It is legal and possible in the USA now
You can get a finance visa easily know for a ladyboy things have changed

wow i like that ur post..i wish i can look foringn guy can marry me,im ready to serve, care love a lot untell he and she dai thanks..

Pattaya wouldn 8767 t be my first choice in Thailand, it 8767 s a tourist destination with a lot of bar girls and prostitutes. It would be easier to look for a regular ladyboy girlfriend in Bangkok, or Chiang Mai.

She works 7 days a week and tells me when I come there she does not want me to spend my money all she cares about is being with me. Although I plan to take her out ofcourse. She looks so amazing and her eyes get me every time we talk on cam. Amyway thanks for your blogs they have helped me alot. WIsh me luck!!! Chris

I will accept your criticism ONLY if you read a little more than the title of the blog that your dislike and say something constructive.

Your comment stands for ladyboys who work in the red light district, yeah. Unfortunately, most of the stories we find online are like yours, they come from tourists who don 8767 t know ladyboys outside of the bar girls, which is not representing the majority, and that sucks because it 8767 s stigmatising a whole community.

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