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I think I made the right decision in distancing myself from him. I truly liked him and cared a lot. Maybe he did have care for me in some aspect But i just don 8767 t think he wanted me.

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Couple months later, we 8767 re picking back up, but it seems I always have to text him. He never really initiates. But once we start texting, we 8767 ll text for the whole day. We probably text about once a week. Its like a really flirty type (but my friend said we 8767 re on the border of friend flirting? i have no idea) And weirdest thing is that he always makes me write on his FB wall. Why is that?! I pretty much spammed his wall!

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Hi Jasmine,
Well you could just stop doing all the work: Calling and texting? Let him step up and do the work? Love, Goddess

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To much for me doing all this trust and believe I have already lost interest to much work and effort on my part to get this type of guy ????

this is so true wish id read this before, i was supposed to be going on a date to the cinemas with some boy i knew to meet up on the weekend, i checked the cinema times and realised the film we wanted to watch wasnt showing anymore, so i text him having not spoke to him for 7 days to ask him if he wanted to see another film instead, i got absolutly no reply back, i knew he read it because we both use Blackberry messenger and it show 8767 s once they 8767 ve read a message, i didnt text him again as i wasnt really bothered as he asked me to go with him, i just found it funny how me asking him a general question means i was being 8775 needy 8776 in boy men say women are complicated lol

I dated a 75 yr old when I was 95. We had so much fun together and age was never a problem. The demon called meth destroyed him.

I totally agree with you, this thing about guys being put off cos you 8767 re needy is totally ridiculous. So we are supposed to put up with anything they throw at us, but if we dare to get upset cos they don 8767 t do what they promised, we are needy and not worth a simple message?? What is that all about??

I love you entire blog. When I catch myself even thinking of the guy I have been dating for two months(when I haven 8767 t talked to him), I shift my heart, and mind back on me! lol. For example we txt one another yesterday but it was simple and sweet and I didn 8767 t reply to his last text message.( on purpose to keep him lingering) The ball is in his court. He didn 8767 t call that night but today I didn 8767 t hear my phone..nor I wouldnt have answered it. I will call him Tomorrow. Its not really a game. It 8767 s just to let him know I am a jewel worth chasing. I like him and he likes me to. Actually, he told me, He was ready for commitment from me when I am ready..

If in doubt don 8767 t text back fir a while. If he loves you I guarantee he will continue texting until he gets a response. I once turned my phone to silent and had an early night as I was getting fed up of not getting a response to my text (note u didn 8767 t nag). When I got up in the morning I had 5 text messages and 9 missed calls. He had even called my house mates to see if I was 8766 ok 8767 . The point is I didn 8767 t go on at him. He didn 8767 t know where I was or what I was doing and it drove him crazy.

If you have a boyfriend he stop calling and testing what should I do to make him text back or call please answer my questions I need advice

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