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Things Abusers Say And Do – Verbal Abuse Journals

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I'm not sure to whom Lola was responding. PT sent it to me, but nothing in her comment is pertinent to what I said. I never called myself a scientist as such. I do insist on scientific method.


So, since colonel mustard DID NOT do it this time in any freaking room with jack sh ,
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Domestic Violence - Fairfax County, Virginia

You are incorrect in both your concept of what happened to me, and your concept of 8775 consent. 8776 Consent is 8775 knowledgeable and informed 8776 agreement. Not simply agreement. Just because you agree to something does not mean you are consenting to it. It is absurd that you apply an erroneous definition of consent improperly and insist that you are correct.

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Laws will not protect you from your own failure to use reasonable judgement. If you want to know what a woman looks like without her makeup, simply ask her to take it off before you have sex with her.

He told me a few months back that he is starting to resent me for my infertility. I also suffer from a condition known as pcos. Which hinders my fertility even more than the scarring which occurred from infections from my abusive boyfriend. I 8767 m pretty sure I had a miscarriage last week, & I am dreading the thought of him resenting me more. He is aware of this.

To report a crime, call the Fairfax County Police Department at 758-696-7686 or, for emergencies, please call 966.

Yes, your a wonderful writer! It is excellent therapy as well. Writing saved me when I had an abusive home to grow up in. You will later look back and see how negative they all were. Move far enough away that you can visit in small doses at your convince. The best thing avoid negative people!

Just about majority of the list from top to bottom. I have witnessed I haven 8767 t spoken to my ex it 8767 ll be 7 yrs. I miss him after everything and I realized that I will always love him because I have a good heart and I wish him the very best& I pray for him everyday. I think if this is happening to you don 8767 t be scared to move on and leave this person behind abuse is not love, let go and move on it just keeps getting better and better everyday you will see you just have to believe in yourself and be strong xo

I am saying this with all sincerity. Please get out and take the boys with you. Put up Nanny cams if possible to catch her. If she is yelling at you or the boys Nanny cams will catch it all. The police will see that and arrest her. It is child abuse. If you don 8767 t feel you can do it for you, do it for them. Check state laws to see if you can videotape her without her consent.

Let all things done by Those who bring Darkness into the lives of Others have light Shown upon them for their Iniquities. For the Truth of the Innocent Shall Not be in Vain ,The Truth shall deliver Them from all their Sorrows ,The veil will be lifted and their Hearts Restored. Love will guide them into a Sacred place where there is Peace & Healing. I send Out this Prayer of Protection to All my Brothers and Sisters that Suffer or are Suffering. May you Be Lifted & Blessed ~ Safely Resting in the Arms of Angels.

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