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55 Anon, You are right, those are not the kind of people you want to end up with. Just keep yourself out there, somewhat, and talk with people. I 8767 m kind of in the same place, a yr or two never had any complaints about my looks, good jobs along the way. I 8767 ve come to the conclusion that these meetings usually happen when you are least looking for it. Just be ready when it comes along so you can go at it fully. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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Am 77yrs old leave in lookin 9 gay daadie who wil love mi n support coz am a bottom 5756776876

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As far as sex on the first date, I never say never, but it would be a rare thing. I am always safe regardless. I also have no idea how one might broach the subject of an arrangement. I 8767 ve always preferred when the other man takes the lead so perhaps I would wait until he brought it up.


I 8767 m looking for fun but very descreet. Married but not satisfied. I want to be spoiled by a bottom sugar daddy or daddies and sugar mummies. Let explore each other spoil me ill spoil you with all pleasures I 8767 m waiting

Am a black gay guy age 79 am goodlooking kind and hardworking bottom looking for a a sugar daddy that will invite me to uk or europe and I will be at his service always

I had never even thought of craigslist. After you mentioned it, I took a look and the ads scared me off. I 8767 m curious about the weird/unrealistic expectations you mentioned. I 8767 m assuming you mean SDs expect SBs to be at their beck & call, and that SBs are expecting far too much money? I 8767 ve been off of this site for quite some time but am considering putting up a new profile. I haven 8767 t made up my mind yet.

I 8767 m no, I 8767 m just saying what i think can be the best for me and what i just trying to find here, i think life is about opportunity 8767 s, and then hope the future can be in a better way for me, and as i do hope help some one in the same way.

I 8767 m enjoying my free time before I get sucked up in school. It can be insanely competitive and I can be a bit obsessive lol to the point of eschewing eating for perfecting unimportant details that no one will ever see. All enjoyable none-the-less. How is life treating you? I know you mentioned how busy you were before, have things slowed down enough for you to start enjoying the end of summer?

Mike Ive met one and almost met another. Getting back to the distance, its really a interesting thing, I felt obliged to stay with the one I didnt meet because he was saying Id get my own room and stuff, but he flaked and I had to figure stuff out from there. It turned into a wonderful weekend for me so its all good, but it makes me nervous for going to meet an SD in a city far away. Im almost always not looking to have sex after saying hello (even after a conversation) so planning on staying under the same roof doesnt appeal to me too much. This was a bad experience in terms of trying to meet the SD but lesson learned.

Micheal let us know if you had luck in your offer I am pretty sure most SB 8767 s would be very open to that offer.