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U hebt volledige controle over wat voor informatie mensen kunnen zien! Wilt u opvallen door een brede glimlach te tonen? Geweldig! Maar als u meer van mysterie houdt, kunt u onze blur- of maskeertools gebruiken. En voor nog meer discretie kunt u foto''s als privé taggen, waardoor alleen leden waar u een oogje op heeft uw foto''s kunnen bekijken.

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I agree..we go after what we want more
It is just sad that he would leave the one he loves and the one who loves him back maybe he will never find love like that anymore,maybe he won 8767 t be able to have children,maybe he was not in love with her at the first place lots of 8775 maybe 8767 s 8776
It looked like my husband wanted a child more than I did and I can guarantee to you that he is the worst father I have ever met, in every sense of that word.
Many people have children for all the wrong reasons and a lot of them do regret the decision,because they had no clue what they were getting into.
But.. we all make our own choices

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Sometimes your partner notices when you feel bad for yourself. Or, he becomes aware that your friends feel sorry for you or question his love for you. Then he feels bad, as if he’s somehow done something wrong by doing exactly what you two agreed on—not getting married. You hate that outsiders are getting to him, too.

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What&rsquo s really been great is that there was a couple of weeks from the point I started volunteering till I met her, with the first time ended up seeing me spent to entire day alone with her in the office.

I never planned to be in love, at my age, with someone but it happened. 8775 We 8776 are in love, and that is all there is to tell. He has decided that he wants what we have together. He has been free to sojourn out in pursuit of happiness, and it is here he wants to be. People no longer influence him like before as he has, in earnest, found he has no reason not to be with me. Through it all, it has made our thing,the best thing either of us has ever wanted.

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am 79 and my gf of 8years is 96 now it was very rocky at 6st because of family and friends but it worked we are stil to gather and i love her to bits so if a person wants something to work it will

I am a 99 year old women and He s a 87 year old Man and we just started Children are all grown and moved out. He has No children. But he Just Want to Be Around Me all the time. But He s Not Expressing How He Really feels. And when i don t call him back he would always say are you mad at Positive advise?

Ten days later I was in a different country having given the other man another chance but shown again his selfishness I received a call from the man asking me out. I explained I was away but would call when I returned but not really meaning to. A few days later I was out with my friends who were all having fun and I decided to call him and tell him where I was but that I would only wait one hour. True to his word he was there! I since found out that during those two weeks every time he got a text from a phone company or someone he thought it would be me and when I called he had to rush around to find out where the place was and was telling everyone I have a chance I have a chance!

As far as the dating guys issue, I am now very weary, and for good reason. It is tough to be objectified as a notch in the bedpost or as a baby factory that is no longer in optimal condition. I just want to be loved as a person. Regardless of age, we just need to find guys that are clearly aware of yet uninfluenced by societal pressures and standards,

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