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How do you even add Gabriel Aubry after he supposedly used the n-word against Halle and the baby? Why not add Olivier Maritnez?

20 Hot White Guys Who Love Black Women! - StyleBlazer

Little . tugged on Cupid&rsquo s toga, trying to get his attention. &ldquo Hey, uh, Mr. Cupid? Who do you like?&rdquo he asked, eyes wide.

Cupids chocolates | Tumblr

If you love yourself, you find beauty and greatness in those who are most like you, and a big reflection of that is skin tone.

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Dennis Rodman is a classic example of a black man who was socialized into hating his appearance, and the deep emotional scars he sustained led him to shun all black women. Any rational human being can understand this, but that doesn’t mean we should excuse or endorse it.

There’s no way you can convince an intelligent person that a black woman can love herself but not find beauty in those who look like her.

- cupid and joe are that couple who hold hands and hug and stuff in public a lot, after all cupids freaking cupid so why wouldnt he.

Bow down before the one you serve, you re going to get what you deserve. (He s going to fuck you like an animal.)

Thank you, I am Afro-Caribbean, of Cuban, Dominican, and Haitian decent. I celebrate my African, European, and Indigenous heritage. I get that I don’t think I am Black, I know damn well in America I am perceived as a Black man, but I am not going to deny my background, sorry.

I play nice with those who play nice. Otherwise respect
will kick rocks to those who throw barbs like Thandie above. I am tired
of people disrespecting America! When ppl are in trouble we’re there in
force, we’re not perfect but we’re not heartless damnit!! How many other countries can say the same?

Many of the so called “Black” spouses/partners aren’t actually fully Black. They are of mixed race with one parent African American.

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