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Best 25+ Shy meme ideas on Pinterest | Social anxiety

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I m not sure what your date is like, but you can ALWAYS leave at any point. And chances are, when you get past the initial dread stage and start talking, you won t need to take your leave.

29 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Social Anxiety

Anyway sorry for the wall of text with my life story, Good luck, try to remember that this can go really well, and finally if you want let us know how it goes, I d love to hear a happy follow up.

25 Tumblr Posts About The Struggle Of Anxiety

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[Image] Tricking anxiety (Comic by ) | Comic

Whenever I have to do a thing I don t want to do (bc anxiety) I try to break it down into steps and construct an exit-strategy or way to take a break for each step.

As hard as it will be I say just do it, don t let the anxiety hold you back from something that could be so great. If you end up anxious and don t want to go, try to go through with it, if you are too anxious while on the date you can let them know, chances are they will be understanding, if you both can survive that period then you will have a keeper.

I 8767 ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember. My therapist tells me I have General Anxiety Disorder , which essentially means that I don 8767 t just get anxious over one specific thing, I get anxious over anything (which is super fun!). My anxiety affects me in so many ways. It makes me terrified of going on vacation , it makes me scared to talk to new people, it turns me into a hypochondriac , and it has even made me physically sick. While my anxiety is not as bad as it is for some people, it can still get pretty bad. And as anyone with anxiety knows, it 8767 s not a race or a contest any kind of anxiety is difficult to deal with. 

I ll keep this post brief but sometimes when I m dating online and they don t message back right away I get worked up because I think it s me even if they are busy. What are some ways I can prevent this?

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List out the logical reasons as to why a person wouldn t respond immediately to another person via text. Then list out the reasons as to it does or doesn t make sense for one to be upset by lack of a hasty response.

So many of you girls deal with anxiety as well, and I know the struggle is real. Two things that sometimes help me make sense of my anxiety are learning how to laugh at it, and finding people or stories I can relate to. For these reasons, I love Tumblr. It sometimes seems like 95 percent of Tumblr users struggle with anxiety, and while I wish they didn 8767 t, I do appreciate the way some of them can explain my anxious feelings better than I can. In a way, it really makes me feel better.

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