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I think a lot of it was born out of my time going on OK Cupid. I don t know why I thought it would be a good idea to be honest on that site. The concern I have is that a woman doesn t want to teach a man my age how to have sex. That is my greatest concern and thus why I m seeking escorts to get basic experience without judgement.

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Lol I know that feeling. I still tend to get more whiners than bailers though. As in they stick around and try to convince me that subconsciously I MUST be attracted to them if I spent the last hour talking with them.

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You were born knowing how to put things in your mouth and eat them. You were not born knowing how to do it neatly and in accordance with social norms. You were not born knowing how pick the right things out and cook them so they were good to eat. You were not born with nutritional knowledge so you would eat things that weren t pure fat and sugar.

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When people here say PUA I really don t think they know what they re talking about. I think they just watched an episode of Mystery s show and decided they know what it s all about (not that I know what it s all about either).
Making friends doesn t get you a girlfriend. There s a difference between being seen as friendly and being seen as attractive. Being friendly is a necessary but not sufficient condition for romance. Most people with dating issues are just fine at making friends but crap at making people see them as romantic partners. Focusing more on the friendly aspect will hurt, not help them.

My problem with PUA is that it doesn t emphasize how important it is to have some basic people skills and understanding of social context first

A lot of stuff is very subtle often there s a bunch of tiny little bits of information I don t even notice I m picking up on until I ve amassed a bunch of them at first, I ll just feel it like some new agey vibe, and only if I think hard about what s making me feel that way will I realize all the little things that are giving me that information. And there is variance from person to person. It ll be things like how close they stand, where they re looking, their facial expression (for example, a genuine smile has concrete, visible differences from a polite smile), their tone of voice.

You need to know your crowd. If approaching women in the library, it is desirable to insinuate that their eloquence was the reason you mistook them for your dear friend, Virginia Wolf.

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*I just got a message from a 96-year-old on OkCupid who answered the question about being a grownup with no and then went on Facebook to see a bunch of women I went to high school with calling each other girls despite the fact that a couple of them have kids who are in high school themselves.

And finally, when what you know about PUA stuff is what you read from sources that are trying to hate on PUA stuff, it s a bit like watching Fox News and thinking you actually know what liberals think.

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