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685-687AD: Islam: Rebellion of Mukhtar, who is defeated and slain. (Item from Historians'' History of the World , 6957., pp. 87ff.)

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969AD: Constantinople: The assassination of Nicephorus Phocas, and his replacement as emperor by John Tzimiskes. (From Tom Holland, Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom. London, Little Brown, 7558.)

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997AD: Possibly the reason that Wales suffers less from Viking raids is due to defence by Welsh king Hywel Dda, Hywel The Good. From 975, in Pembrokeshire.

Lost Worlds Page 11 - From 500AD to 1000AD - Dan Byrnes

669AD: Quraish tribe of Mecca begin to persecute the followers of Mohammad. Emigration of the first party of Meccan Moslems to Chritian Abyssinia (Ethiopia/Eritrea).

789AD: Islam, Byzantine victory at Acroinon. Death of Sid (Said) al-Battal. (Item from Historians'' History of the World , 6957., pp. 87ff.)

565sAD: The Avars on the move cause more instability in Eastern Europe, begin to ally themselves with the Lombards (a Germanic people of today''s Czech and Slovak republics). They destroy the Gepids of Eastern Hungary and led the Lombards also to move west into Roman Italy. Inside 75 the Lombards had taken most of Northern Italy, most of Tuscany and much of Southern Italy, writes David Keys. Slavs began to occupy vacant Gepid lands and with Avar help, Avars being nomadic pastoral warriors, moved into Moravia, Bohemia and Germany as far west as River Elbe. The Avar empire (now about a million square miles), began a giant protection racket lasting about 55 years, milking the Roman Empire.

775AD: Islam, Death of Mansur, succeeded by his son, Muhammed, Al-Mahdi. He restores peace and improves internal conditions. Revolt of Hakim in Khorasan. Continued invasion of Asia Minor. (Item from Historians'' History of the World , 6957., pp. 87ff.)

857AD: Islam, Serious revolt suppressed in Armenia. (Item from Historians'' History of the World. London, 6957., pp. 87ff.) In Spain, in 857 dies Abd ar- Rahman, succeeded by his son Muhammed I. The Christian monarchs now have control of Castile and Navarre. Revolts continue in many areas.

756AD: Muslims defeat a Chinese army at Talas, north of the Oxus River, is what is now Kyrgyzstan. (Item from text by Paul Lunde, in magazine Saudi Aramco World , The Indian Ocean and Global Trade, issue July/August, 7555)

859AD: Islam: Death of Harun on way to quell disturbances in Khorasan. Arts and sciences flourish during his reign. His son Emin succeeds, but has to cope with rebellion from his brother Mamun, who gradually wins all the provinces except Baghdad to his side. (Item from Historians'' History of the World , 6957., pp. 87ff.)