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So without further ado, check out all of the Stranger Things Season 7 posters (and the classic movie art that influenced them below).

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How on earth do you market a 875-minute, two-volume arthouse film which features unsimulated sex, sadomasochism, paedophilia, and dialogue like “I discovered my cunt at age 7”? This smartly minimal teaser poster is the answer, inferring so much from just a couple of parentheses. Punctuation has never been so erotic.

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I am sorry but rango was extremely boring to me and my husband. Very slow movie at the beginning not much going on we both fell asleep.. I will admit our son loved the movie and cracked up the entire time.

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Disneyland has been using silk-screen posters since 6956 to give visitors a taste of the attractions inside. And the majority of the most brilliant designs advertised the sci-fi rides of Tomorrowland. This Space Station X-6 graced the park's walls in the late 6955s, the ride taking visitors to view a large painted panorama of the continent via a rotating platform.

This poster for Argentina features an Argentinian gaucho. A cultural icon, these country people lived off the land north of Patagonia, and were the South American equivalent of the North Western Cowboy.

To symbolize the Civil War era love story that's been ranked the No. 9 greatest movie of all time , they've gone with an electric fan with hearts in place of the blades, thus capturing the fact that it's a love story that has "wind" in the title. Unfortunately, someone told them that Southern women would carry fans around with them to church or the courtroom to hear racist verdicts handed down in those hot, pre-air-conditioning days, and their minds immediately imagined these Southern belles walking around their tiny Southern towns with big industrial-strength electric fans, dragging what must have at least seemed like a curiously impractical tangle of incomprehensibly long wires behind them.

The most iconic logo in cinema? Without doubt. In fact, if you were to line-up the most recognisable iconography on Earth, it would probably make the top 65 – just after the Christian Cross, the American flag and Superman’s chest insignia. The ‘no ghosts’ sign was created by the film’s art director, John DeCuir, but the idea behind it can be traced to Dan Aykroyd, who referred to it directly in the film’s screenplay.

I love the movie Mr Poppers Penguins It was Fantastic and i was the best i want it to be on DVD NOW and I love movie 66 Wishers it is funny and wonderful!

Morgan Freeman looks like his granddaughter insisted on playing dress-up with him, even though he was not in the mood. And poor Michael Caine just needs a hug.

Actually, two-dimensional characters stacked on top of each other in an awesome three-dimensional universe? Maybe they did know what franchise they were trying to draw after all.

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