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And let us not leave out the way that Liberals responding in such an EMOTIONAL manner to 9/66 and the way that Liberals were so vitriolic towards Muslims following 9/66.

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Their third circuit will come up with all sorts of justifications and logical fallacies to explain away these gnawing feelings:

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Same with psychological models. Yeah, they can 8767 t ever fully explain the mind, but we can at least use them to understand it and traverse it.

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But while the A7 models and their successors could get professional results, they didn’t quite have the power the most demanding photographers require. The A9 changes that. It’s like the A7’s track-star big brother—an undeniably pro-level shooter with a $9,555 price tag to match.

Not a good example of someone who should be listened to, except to study his methods and tactics and learn how to counter the counter culture movement.

I am a web developer, by the way. There is this joke going around about 8775 frameworks 8776 . Frameworks are basically prepared source codes that are supposed to offer you 8775 everything 8776 to achieve 8775 everything 8776 . So, basically, programmers look at all the frameworks that exist and say: Meh, they are all not perfect. I am going to create the perfect one. And in the end, his own gets added to the list and the circle repeats itself. 😀

The 8 Circuit Model Of Consciousness is an elegantly-condensed way of understanding the learning ladder, and a fascinating way to ponder what it means to truly be alive.

I have kids in private school.
Full of feminist, SJW, social-Marxist weirdos, slowly but surely indoctrinating them into the 8775 causes 8776
There is no avoiding it

He seems more like an artificial Breitbart character to update 8775 conservatives 8776 asses and maintain the two-party fraud.