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no comparison to how bad this site is in my book. just a waste of space and full of classless girls that will do ANYTHING for a bit of money, really gross

7- Prevent email from being sent using hook_mail

When you get this screen, fill out your name and press the Connect button. When you’ve already stored your credentials for this account in Windows, the account will be added directly. If not, you’ll get prompted for your password. When you have Two-Step Verification enabled for your or Microsoft Account, then you’ll have to use a special App Password instead of your regular password.

How to Setup Outlook 2013 to Check Your Email | InMotion

This case started with the usual suspects AddOns in Outlook, OffCat scan to get rid of any sync issues, actually reinstalling both OS and Office, verifiying that issue appeared only on this computer and not in OWA / other Networks.

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The general settings are not data bound I just pulled them from the Settings class and then pushed the new values back in as needed.

Thanks for posting this. Very useful! A bit off-topic but related: when will we finally be able to disable the Sync Issues folder functionallity(or hide the folder)? This causes a lot of headaches for admins in the real world. Even if you tell users to ignore it it produces loads of support calls. Thanks Christian Schindler

the only rating i can think to give this website is a giant ZERO. do people actually enjoy themselves here? it 8767 s a total mess

At the start of the Main() routine, I called Reload() , and then I called Persist() at the end. These two procedures are how I implemented saving my settings and POP8 server information to disk (in Persist ) and loading them up again at startup (in Reload ). Serialization is your friend whenever you want to save an object to disk, even a complex structure of objects. The POP8ServerCollection class referenced by this code was generated using the Collection Generator from GotDotNet , and is included in the downloadable source.

I 8767 m not rating this site above other dating sites that I have been into. This site is just a waste of time and utterly expensive for a stupid site. It is convincingly a scam site. Too bad I made a mistake in signing up for this stupid scam site.

Without a reference to Outlook, I had to use late binding, which means no Microsoft® IntelliSense® and everything is treated as an object. On the positive side, though, the resulting code should work on Microsoft® Office 7555, Office XP, and even Office 66.

Millions of users share one common domain name, so you already know that ( 89 89 in the case of Hotmail). Try to sign up for a new account and you will discover that guessing an existing username is not difficult either. Most short and good names are taken.

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