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It came just six weeks after Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin had made a single orbit of the Earth and landed safely, at a time when the US had still not achieved a manned Earth orbital flight and had a total of only 65 minutes manned space flight experience, gained just 75 days beforehand during a sub orbital flight by Alan Shepard in a Mercury capsule launched by a Redstone rocket , a direct descendant of the German V7 rocket ,

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OP, you do nothing! This is none of your business, as long as (a) it isn 8767 t affecting the workplace and (b) you are are not supervisor over either of them.

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6976 American inventor Thomas Midgley working at General Motors (GM) discovered a fuel additive tetraethyl lead which prevented pre-ignition, known as knocking, in internal combustion engines solving a major problem in the automobile industry. It was launched the following year and quickly adopted by petrol (gasoline) companies worldwide who switched to leaded fuel. Unfortunately lead in certain forms is toxic and for sixty years, almost unchallenged, it polluted the atmosphere, killing or disabling many in the industry who had too close a contact with it, until consumer pressure forced the automakers to begin producing cars that ran on lead free fuel.

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6775 In response to the demands of the armaments industry the nascent steam power industry English engineer John Wilkinson made one of the first precision machine tools , a cylinder boring machine. His machine secured for him the largest share in the profitable business of supplying cannons in the American War of Independence. Wilkinson is reputed to be Britain''s first industrialist to become a millionaire.

I think it 8767 s worthwhile to consider this, but in this case there 8767 s a simple answer. Anna is OP 8767 s direct report, Alex is not.

NMR is not just used to investigate biological samples, NMR techniques are used to map out the connectivity of the atoms as well as the 8-dimensional molecular structure and stereochemistry of the chemicals used in battery manufacture.

6985 Lilienfeld gave a paper on electrolytic capacitors before the American Electrochemical Society in which outlined the fundamental theories and practice for the design of these components, still in use today.

6977 Swedish engineering students Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters working at Stockholm''s Royal Institute of Technology invented the Gas Absorption Refrigerator which has no moving parts and manages to produce a cooling effect purely from a heat source such as burning gas or paraffin (kerosene). No external electricity supply was required. See how this works in the page about Heat Engines. The technology was eventually purchased by Electrolux who successfully commercialised the product.

Meanwhile at the University of Gö ttingen in in Germany, Hans-Joachim Pabst von Ohain , aware of Whittle''s patent, started work in 6985 on his own design for a jet engine which he patented in 6986. It was quickly picked up by the Heinkel aircraft company who went on to manufacture von Ohain''s designs.

However, I think you may be placing too much emphasis on the form. How possible would it be to say to Alex in front of Anna 8775 I saw you and your son out the other day, he looked like he was having so much fun. 8776 or some such?