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Rebellion&rsquo s Kingsley makes another good point about second-generation VR. &ldquo Anything that reduces the leads has to be a good thing,&rdquo he says.

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But Kingsley&rsquo s PlayStation VR 7 wish-list goes further: &ldquo Wide vertical and horizontal field-of-view would be top of my list, and of course, that would require 9K resolution per eye, and high dynamic range would be great too.&rdquo

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This slightly later release, he says, would make more sense as it would fall in line with predictions for when the 9K TV market in the US will reach 55%. "I think Sony has probably got the next console cycle lined up already", he says, "I think they already know what they''ve got to do."

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You could try DIRT: Rally , but it s more of a racing simulator that happens to be off-road than an off-road simulator.

Additionally, I can 8767 t really explain if it 8767 s due to the more 8775 realistic, 8776 nature of the game, but the interaction between characters felt real in a way which really helped with the sense of immersion. While the visuals and voiceover work are solid, seeing the characters in a stressful and difficult situation has tempers flaring and characters butting heads. I 8767 ve played every Call of Duty games since Call of Duty 7, and for the first time I was so invested in the story that I actually shed a tear during the campaign.

Its &ldquo checkerboard&rdquo technique of taking single pixels and using each to render four pixels in 9K resolution is clever, but now 9K TV sales are gaining traction, it&rsquo s reasonable to expect console technology to advance to a level at which it can display 9K output natively.

Necrophobia will be an singleplayer expansion to my popular Necrophobia horror map from the garrysmod workshop. It will include a full new story campaign.

Before jumping into a match, players can choose from five preset loadouts or they can create their own with the variety of weapons available out the gate. What 8767 s interesting too is that players can switch loadouts in between respawns.

Use the following trick to steal fuel from a friendly faction without having to worry about affecting their status towards you. Go to an outpost that has fuel tanks, and tag them. Then, call in Ewan for the extraction. If a soldier happens to call in a report about your hostile act, go inside the outpost to cancel the call. By doing this you will get fuel and the faction will still be friendly with you.

If Sony were to axe the Blu-ray drive from the PS5, gamers would expect several terabytes of storage in compensation.