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What aguycalledjohn said. I 8767 m not asserting all feminists are bad, or that the definition of bad I would use here corresponds to anything like 8775 evil 8776 . Even if I were, I 8767 m on the record saying that people 8767 s evil political beliefs often coexist with them being pretty nice people whom I respect otherwise.

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Nah, you re way more depressing than this article, because it depresses me that you have the POV that you do. You can t see the future, how do you know it will turn out bad?

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OK, actually, there 8767 s a pretty good reason the manosphere doesn 8767 t have the moral authority that feminism does, so if we find part of it bad, we 8767 re free to ignore it, rather than forcing ourselves to find it good as with feminism. Still, some things are genuinely hard problems and I 8767 d like a more trustworthy source for those.

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I could tell that it wasn 8767 t my finest piece of literature. I didn 8767 t expect her to post it. Her auto-reply says she probably won 8767 t even READ it. There are no notices that she will post anything to her main board when you contact her.

My favorite is this sentence: 8775 In over half a decade of working at the pool, I can state with much certainty and conviction that I have never encountered a 8775 manager 8776 with such appalling naivety and laughable incompetence until the commencement of your employment the summer prior to the one upcoming. 8776

This means that if you 8767 re B, you can repeat standard arguments, because there 8767 s a good chance A hasn 8767 t seriously considered them before. If they have, they 8767 ve really thought about things seriously, then you may actually be in for an interesting debate! But it 8767 s possible they haven 8767 t. And then you won 8767 t need to really seriously engage with them.

they tend to focus on the most obvious aspects of what supposedly makes men attractive: looks and material wealth, with &ldquo status&rdquo following third.

Eventually, enough Whitecloaks become convinced that it 8767 s also acceptable to attack Blues who are read as opposing the Whitecloaks that it 8767 s no longer unsafe for the Crocodiles within the Whitecloaks to attack those Blues. (It doesn 8767 t matter whether or not the Crocodiles are responsible for this.) So the Crocodiles, who do their best to appear to be normal Whitecloaks, proceed to viciously attack those two groups.

Funny how a guy can have such a hard stance on plagiarism but no problem stealing someone 8767 s entire site design. You should meet Tucker Max. I 8767 m sure you 8767 d get along.

We are attempting to sustain a civilisation able to maintain modern technological levels and hopefully one that continue to march us towards the singularity. I hope pretty much everyone on SSC shares these goals.