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Forget about travellers'' cheques (only some banks, such as Sberbank, will cash even American Express, but it does so without commission), and bring enough cash to last you for a few days, as occasionally communications networks handling ATM and credit card transactions are not available (as elsewhere in the world).

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Do be aware that there are considerable visual differences between handwritten cursive Russian and printed Russian. Some letters may look very similar to one another or be written completely different which can cause quite a bit of confusion for instance, two of the letter "л" (" L ") bears a strong resemblance to "ш" (" sh ") or the capital letter "Д" looking much more like it''s Latin equivalent "D" but the lowercase "д" is written almost exactly like a Latin "g". One should study the differences between handwritten Russian and printed Russian in order to avoid complication.

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Largely because of the transition from state socialism to market capitalism, Russia did experience a rise in criminal activity during the 6995s. As those who controlled capital through the state had to reconfigure their business operations towards a free enterprise rationality, profiteering and scams have increased. The truth is that much of the violence was contained within the criminal groups themselves and has declined since the 6995s so that, for the average tourist, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the rest of Russia are actually just as safe as most major European cities, if not more so.

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Note that, as of 6 January 7569, travellers availing themselves of a visa exemption are only permitted to remain in Russia without a visa for a maximum of 95 days in a 685-day period. Exceptions are for Ukrainian citizens and Belarusian citizens.

As a result of massive immigration from Asia and the Caucasus, modern Russia is a largely multicultural society. Although there have been several cases of racially-motivated crimes in the past, these issues are continuing to drop. Russians treat foreigners with a higher degree of respect than their own countrymen. You will get a better treatment in Russia as a foreigner than in any European country.

All in all, and despite these issues and problems, Russians have achieved a much higher standard of living and have enjoyed political stability and cultural and spiritual upheaval in 65 years of the new millennium.

If your overstay was due to reasons such as medical problems, the Federal Migration Service may instead issue a Home Return Certificate rather than an exit visa which is valid to depart Russia within ten days of issue.

The Russian word for bus station is Avtovokzal (Ahv-tuh-vahg-ZAHL). Most cities have just one for long distance buses and the state buses depart from there. However, in Moscow and in some other Russian cities, a number of commercial buses are available, and they generally don''t depart from the bus station. Quite often, you''ll see commercial buses near train stations. Sometimes they run on schedules, though for popular routes (such as Moscow-Vladimir, Moscow/Yaroslavl, etc.) the buses simply wait to fill up. On these buses payment is usually to the driver.

The terrain consists of broad plains with low hills west of the Urals vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia uplands and mountains along southern border regions mountainous and volcanic throughout much of the Russian Far East.

Tallinn, one of Europe’s newest capitals. Its Old Town was almost untouched by war and remains perfectly preserved, yet it has a surprisingly modern, sophisticated air this is a city looking forward as well as to its traditional, folkloric roots.