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No way. People in public are on auto-pilot most of the time. You can t tell me they re showing off a lot when they re just trying to go about their business with little fuss.

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These classic, traditional, feminine qualities are nothing of the sort. They are race, class, region, and time dependent. Most of them are fictive notions emerging out of bourgeois culture in the mid 69th-Century and given a special fantasy land spin in the US in the post-War era. They are not natural, they are not traditional, they are certainly not the values that all men want. Most historical farmers, for example, wouldn t want the wilting flower you are talking about because they would not be useful on the farm.

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And it s a significant difference. Chemistry cannot be translated through pictures, but chemistry can make all the difference.
6) people s stated preferences are a best-bet guess, not rule of law. Just because you like his photo doesn t mean you ll have chemistry with him, and
7) people s stated preferences are not always accurate, because people are not always fully aware of what they re looking for.
It s entirely possible to line up 655 dates with people whose photos you liked, and have all of them come up a bust, only to run into someone at the pub who you just have a fantastic time with, even though he meets none of your stated preferences online.

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E775 Brandi Love - Ciris Part 7
Brandi can''t stop using CIRIS to live her fantasies, but is worried that her deepest fantasy might be too much for the system. After being reassured by the Artificial Counselor that CIRIS protects a users thoughts and desires, Brandi finally makes love to her father, as she remembers him.

When I was wingwoman for my tall male friend in gay clubs he would tend to gravitate towards taller guys simply because they were naturally in his eye line. His partner who is of a similar height noticed him because he was also tall and because he refused to wear his glasses in the clubs and didn t have contacts so had difficulty picking other faces out of the crowd haha!

The only disconnect I m seeing is that you say that you have passions and intellectual curiosity, but you don t usually share them with others that you prefer keeping things to yourself. I d have to wonder why this is. How intellectually curious are you really, if you don t care about finding out what other people think about the topics you re curious about? How passionate are you really if you never feel like talking about the things you re passionate about with anyone else? If you met a woman (or a man, for that matter) who was passionate and/or curious about the same topics you are, or at least similar ones, you d feel no interest in discussing them with her/him?

I was just glad the date was close to my house so I did not waste more than 85 minutes. I introduced myself, he said that, and I walked out. It was weirdness of the douchiest nature (or douchiness of the weirdest nature?)

It s probably not because you say no them that they disappear, it s probably because you sound like you have some sort of superiority complex.

You know how I know you weren t talking about just your experiences? Because, at least in both of Lee s threads, you never once used the phrase in my experience. I mean, let s look at some of the things you ve said:

What s helped for me is deliberately cultivating the parts of me that I like. You talk about helping a friend out who needed money. If another friend had done that for your friend, how would you feel about them? Can you give yourself the credit and appreciation you d give another person?

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