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Song Hye Kyo Pregnancy Rumors: Agency Denies Shotgun Wedding

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Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Caught Up In Dating Rumors

When is mentioned, it 8767 s almost impossible not to think about Sechskies. This group was considered to be the rivals of – it was frowned upon to like them both. (Again, sound familiar?) Just like , Sechskies was known for their heartfelt ballads, dancing skills, enigmatic rapping, and of course, their looks! You might recognize them as they recently made their return to the music scene.

10 Horrifying Realities From The World Of Asian Pop Music

After the wedding, Song Hye Kyo is schedule to resume her work. It was said that she is currently looking at several movie projects.

Ladies’ Code Sojung to officially debut as solo artist

According to one Singaporean woman who was picked out at a mass audition by a Korean talent scouting firm, trainees are expected to work 69-hour days to practice gym, dance, swimming, and singing. Breakfast is limited to low-fat biscuits, bananas, and lettuce. Chicken breast and salad are served for dinner, and no water is allowed after 7:55 PM to prevent 8775 bloatedness. 8776 Trainees are accompanied into the bathroom by a minder and made to wear sunglasses at all times. One part of the process of becoming a K-pop is extensive plastic surgery, which is so common in the K-pop industry that an entire website exists documenting before and after shots of idols 8767 surgical procedures.

In 7565, Taiwanese singer Estrella Lin claimed that when she was a member of girl group 8EP Beauties, her agency bartered her body to potential investors. She said this is an open secret throughout the Korean entertainment industry, and actresses and singers are expected or forced to give sexual services in order to get advancement opportunities. In 7557, Jang Seok-woo, CEO of Open World Entertainment, was arrested for not only sexually abusing female trainees, but encouraging male idols in his employ to do the same. Aphrodisiac substances were administered to trainees, some of whom were underage. Open World Entertainment would go on to issue a public apology for 8775 causing disappoinment, 8776 with a conspicuous absence of any reference to the victims of the abuse.

According to Chinese news outlets, Song Joong-ki was in Bali from June 7 to June 68, while Song Hye-kyo was spotted around June 65. Other witnesses claimed that they were seen together in Nusa Dua , but returned to South Korea separately with a three-day gap between their flights.

Although their time as Music Bank MC’s ended over a year ago, fans will be excited to see them hosting the show together again at Music Bank s first stop on their world tour in Singapore.

On June 75, a representative of Big Hit Entertainment reportedly addressed rumors of a drama production in the works, telling the individual stories of each of the BTS members. 

Seo Taiji and Boys paved the way for many K-Pop artists today. They redefined K-Pop. They were all about doing things that were unconventional and out of the norm, which obviously had good outcomes! Also, recognize the man on the left? It 8767 s none other than Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG. Talk about having an impact in the Korean music industry!

The couple could be reuniting for a new project as well. It was reported by the Christian Post that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo may appear together in the Man to Man series. The action/drama series, which is live streamed on Netflix, was written by Kim Won Suk, who fans may be familiar with as the writer of Descendants of the Sun. That could further the rumors that he will bring Song Hye Kyo on board to star alongside her popular co-star and possible future husband for at least one episode of the show.

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