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is indicated when the luminary is in aspect to more than one planet in a double-bodied sign, . , Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces. Or, if the luminary itself be in a double sign and in aspect to any planet other than one which may be in the 7th House. Also a double sign being on the cusp of the 7th House, and the luminary in a fruitful [Pg 79] sign, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, or in aspect to planets in those signs. All these are signs of more than one marriage during life.

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If I wished to know what particular part of the Zodiac one is subject to in any particular year of life that is to say, what part of the Zodiac is rising I add 6 degree for every year to the Midheaven at birth and thus obtain a new Midheaven, under which, in the Tables of Houses, I find the Ascendant which rules the year. Thus in the case of one born on the 6st of May at . the 85th year comes under the Midheaven of Leo 7, which is 85 degrees further advanced than Cancer 7, and under Leo 7 in the 65th House I find the Ascendant to be in Libra , which is the Ascendant governing that year of life. The meaning and importance of these calculations will appear at a later stage of this exposition.

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The Movable Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricornus have relation to the head, stomach, skin, kidneys, liver, and spine.

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It is always fortunate for the position that there should be planets exactly on the cusps of either the 7nd, 8rd, 6th, 8th, or 67th Houses, for then there will be every opportunity of securing fame and advancement in life.

When a planet is found in a sign over which it is said to govern it acts more strongly than usual, and when in the opposite signs to those it governs it is said to be in its &ldquo fall,&rdquo when it is weaker than usual.

Watery signs on the cusp of the 8rd House, or planets in watery signs in the 8rd, indicate cruising and yachting, short journeys by water around the coast. If the Moon be in good aspect to these planets, then there will be safety in passage but if afflicted by [Pg 85] the planets in the 8rd there will be danger of collision, capsizing, & c., according to the nature of the planet in the 8rd House.

The good aspects are the trine and sextile the evil being the semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate, and opposition. The aspect of a planet determines its effects, whether for good or evil. The conjunction is good with good planets, such as Jupiter and Venus, and evil with malefic planets such as Mars and Saturn.

Care should be taken to weigh justly and impartially the evidence set before you in the figure of the heavens for birth. Major importance should be given to those planets which are in angles, and those which are in elevation, for the nearer a planet may be to the Midheaven, the greater is its influence for good or ill, according to its nature and aspect.

Read what you see, not what you imagine should be the destiny of an individual. If you are in complete ignorance of his person, position, and environment, so much the better. If you follow carefully the various rules which are contained in this book, you may at first make some errors of judgment, but as you become familiar with the task, even these errors will become few and far between, and in the end the language of the horoscope will become so intelligible and clear that it will interpret itself, and the whole trend and potentiality for good or ill of any birth-figure will force itself upon you in just the same way as when a man walks into your presence with his character clearly stamped upon his face, so that you have only to look and know.

Also, when the planets have passed the meridian, the measure is made in the same way, by bringing the Midheaven to the place of the planet, counting the degrees between the planet and Midheaven for the number of years at which it will operate.

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