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A language dictionary lists the words of a language in alphabetical order, giving orthography , syllabication , pronunciation, etymology , definition , and standard usage. Some dictionaries also include synonym s, antonym s, and brief biographical and gazetteer information. In an unabridged dictionary , an attempt is made to be comprehensive in the number of term s included ( example : Webster''s Third New International Dictionary ). An abridged dictionary provides a more limited selection of words and usually less information in each entry ( Webster''s New College Dictionary ). In a visual dictionary , each term is illustrated. See also : desk dictionary and pocket dictionary.

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Also refers to a periodical or index containing excerpt s or condensations of works from various sources, usually arranged in some kind of order ( example : Book Review Digest ). Some digests have been digitized ( example : International Digest of Health Legislation published by the World Health Organization).

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Developed and updated continuously for the past 675 years, most recently by a 65-member international Editorial Policy Committee (EPC), DDC is the most widely used classification system in the world. According to OCLC , it has been translated into 85 language s and is used by 755,555 libraries in 685 countries. The national bibliographies of 65 countries are organized according to DDC.


Most databases used in libraries are catalog s, periodical index es, abstracting service s, and full-text reference resources leased annual ly under licensing agreement s that limit access to registered borrower s and library staff. Abbreviated db. Compare with data bank. See also : archival database , bibliographic database , embedded database , metadatabase , and niche database.

In a more general sense, any numeric value or geometric surface, line , or point that serves as a base or reference for other quantities ( SARBC Map and Compass Glossary ). In the broadest sense, a thing that is given or known to be factual, upon which a reasoned argument or calculation is based. Also, an assumption or premiss from which inferences are subsequently made ( OED ).

Also, a calendar , in print or electronic format , of forthcoming events (celebrations, performance s, meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.). Also used in reference to a calendar designed as a personal organizer. Click here to see the daybook of President John F. Kennedy''s personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln ( JFK Presidential Library & Museum ).

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An Internet directory is an online service that indexes publicly accessible Web site s and other Internet resources, usually by subject according to a hierarchical classification system ( example : Yahoo! Directory ). INFOMINE is a searchable directory that indexes only scholarly Internet resource collections. The WWW Virtual Library is an example of a metadirectory (directory of directories).

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Also refers to a fixed fee deposited in the account of a person who is not a member of the library �s regular clientele but who wishes to receive borrowing privileges , usually refundable upon return of the borrowed materials or when the borrower wishes to terminate the agreement. Not all libraries have such a policy.