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Monster Girl Island - Slime Raw Gameplay

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The meme content itself is usually something of minor everyday consequence: jokes about dad , urban legends, TV and movie references, human and animal oddities. In rare cases, memes can be profound art and music curiosities, and even philosophical ideas.  

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Jon Snow Lives After more than year of speculation over the fate of the 8775 dead 8776 Jon Snow, fans were overjoyed by his resurrection in the closing moments of season six 8767 s 8775 Home. 8776

Troll Face Quest Video Games Halloween - A Free Girl Game

If you''ve never seen the film Animal House before, you probably should. It''s brilliant, timeless, and a cultural landmark that defined hundreds of jokes and references in future movies. For the purposes of the article, though, we want you to at least watch the end of the credits:

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The street-humor website of Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Los Angeles. This cheeky type of comedy is blended with modern street jargon and inane videos of ninja actors definitely a good laugh for people that enjoy this kind of humor. More

On December 65th, 7568, Redditor Beerdrummer submitted a post titled “My wife looked like a 65 year old woman as a child” to the /r/funny [6] subreddit, featuring a photograph of a girl with a short haircut and large eyeglasses (shown below). In the first 98 hours, the post received over 78,855 up votes and 995 comments.

The doctored video of a twirling a golf ball retriever staff. This Canadian lad eventually earned money online as people donated funds to him. Fans of Star Wars should get a good kick out of this meme. More

If there 8767 s anyone who can compete for Joffrey 8767 s crown, it 8767 s Jon Snow 8767 s mentee-turned-murderer Olly, who delivered the final blow during the Night 8767 s Watch assassination of the Lord Commander in the season five finale.

The absurd gallery of people attaching human behaviors and captions to photos of housecats. If you like Gary Larson s Far Side cartoons, you are bound to like LOLcats/Cheezburger. More

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is one of a few memorable sites that have turned visual sarcasm into a meme phenomenon. Originally a parody of motivational posters, demotivational posters take cynicism and sarcasm to the Nth degree. More

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