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Marshfield, Massachusetts.

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A Martha’s Vineyard beach known for its unique natural beauty, Lucy Vincent is the ideal setting for a long walk or picnic. The beach is only for Chilmark residents, and word is they 8767 re really strict about it. But those who make their way in will find the beach has soft sand, scenic large boulders, and dramatic sandstone formations. From a friend: 8775 There 8767 s a nude beach section where you can sometimes see people like Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, or whoever is hanging out that year, but mostly it 8767 s awful old men who bask in the sun like raisin-gila hybrids. 8776

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 Public,   Parking: With fee,  Family-friendly,   Romantic,   Good for water sports,  Good for scavenging,  Wheelchair accessible.

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The beach is only part of Lynch Park’s gorgeous 66-acre oceanfront property. Enjoy kayak rentals, concerts, a splash pad for kids, and a formal rose garden for weddings and pictures. Lynch Park also offers a rich history as it was used during the Revolutionary War to disrupt British supply lines and is often nicknamed the “birthplace of the American Navy.”

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A breathtaking New England view, Good Harbor Beach is hugged on both sides by rocky coasts with picturesque buildings. There are also dunes to admire even though it 8767 s a flat beach. During high tide, older kids and adults float down the estuary like a lazy river, and during low tide, the beach becomes a playground perfect for building sandcastles and digging for crabs.

If New England scenery is your thing, this is probably your beach: the town 8767 s historic lighthouse overlooks the beach. And if cute blubbery animals are also your thing, keep an eye out for seals, which have been known to migrate through the area.

Ellisville features a wooded trail that opens up on quiet, rocky beach. You can have the beach almost all to yourself—be ready to share the sand with seals, who sun themselves on the rocks at low tide. Swimming is available, but most people come to walk on the shore, search for starfish and hermit crabs, or enjoy a picnic facing the white cliffs.

 Public,  Private (there are two parts to the beach),    Parking: Street parking,    Family-friendly,   Romantic,   Good for water sports,  Good for scavenging,  Food (if you want ice cream for lunch),   Wheelchair accessible.

The Crossover gate will be open daily from 9am to 7pm, however, access can be restricted due to permitted vehicle limits, tides, storm conditions, and local, state and federal laws (wetlands regulations, endangered species acts).  For information on current access, check the Vehicle Access Updates & Beach Reports link below.

A long jetty extending out into the water is a highlight of Burkes Beach, also known as Green Harbor. Visit to find a sandy swimming spot or to watch sailboats coming in and out of the harbor.

A haven for families, Ridgevale Beach along Chatham 8767 s south shore offers both ocean swimming and calm creeks for children to splash around in. Nearby, Nauti Jane’s Boat Rentals lets everyone take advantage of their favorite sand or water sports. The sand is also home to many seashells for anyone looking for a souvenir.