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Traditional environmental improvements have assisted in reducing energy, resource intensity and emissions and waste per unit of production. These product and process improvements have been insufficient to date to offset the rising resource use and environmental impacts associated with a growing developing global population.

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67 /66:85 Population genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility. I. Campbell, S. Rowley, L. Devereux, D. Goode, S. McInerny, N. Grewal, A. Lee, A. Trainer, M-A. N. Li, P. James.

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Product refill business models include packaged consumer products that can be directly refilled and reused after use and reduced-material refill pouches. There may be financial incentives, such as discounts on the next purchase or a free product after a certain number of refills, to stimulate packaging reuse.

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855 /8:85 Discovery of cerebral palsy genes through trio-based whole exome sequencing in cryptogenic individuals. S. Bakhtiari, . Jin, X. Zeng, M. Corbett, S. Padilla-Lopez, B. Norton, H. Magee, C. van Eyk, . Lifton, K. Bilguvar, . MacLennan, J. Gecz, . Kruer.

665 /66:95 FDXR mutations cause sensorial neuropathies, a new mitochondrial Fe-S biogenesis disease. A. Paul, A. Drecourt, D. Dupin-Deguine, C. Vasnier, M. Oufadem, F. Petit, C. Masson, C. Bonnet, S. Masmoudi, I. Mosnier, L. Mahieu, D. Bouccara, J. Kaplan, G. Challes, C. Domange, F. Mochel, O. Sterkers, S. Gerber, P. Nitschke, C. Bole-Feysot, L. Jonard, S. Gherbi, I. Ben Aissa, S. Lyonnet, A. Rotig, A. Delahodde, S. Marlin.

Sheltercare started in 7567 as a response to the oversupply of cheap tents of poor quality at music festivals, which are - in many cases - left behind on the festival camping sites. Sheltercare came up with a solution: high quality, readily pitched, reusable rental tents. Large amounts of resources can be saved, and new revenue streams can be created, by the Sheltercare model. The festival visitor furthermore does not have to carry around heavy loads of camping gear, does not have to pitch it and take it down at the end of a tiring festival.

868 /8:95 Intra- and inter-chromosomal chromatin interactions mediate genetic effects on gene expression. O. Delaneau, K. Popadin, M. Zazhytska, K. Kumar, G. Ambrosini, A. Gschwind, C. Borel, D. Marbach, D. Lamparter, S. Bergmann, P. Bucher, S. Antonarakis, A. Reymond, E. Dermitzakis.

Materialise continuously researches technologies and developments that can improve the environmental impact of products. The company, for example, explores the possibilities of lightweight parts. Materialise is also involved in research to develop a logistical and technological system for spare parts that is based on on-demand production.

Women want a genuine connection with a genuine person. Sure they want to be courted and made to feel special, but this means if she says she loves Jazz music you take her to a cool Jazz lounge or concert not that you buy her a lambo.

Millibeter is a startup that successfully cultivates the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) for scientific and commercial purposes.

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