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I had a great time at SIB. I learned a lot, met a large number of interesting and influential instructors, and enjoyed the company of my classmates. I also got a very strong job offer quickly - for a pretty high level, interesting, and well compensated programming position at a Boston area startup that had just closed a Series A and was (and still is) growing rapidly. I did learn a lot going through the curriculum and attending classes, but I feel that the strength of my classmates and of the alumni network are what really caused SI to pay off.

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The list below will give you an idea of the types of positions our graduates end up in. Keep in mind that, because graduates end up working in companies ranging from 7 to over 7555 people, titles can be somewhat deceiving in terms of that alum’s actual impact and job function.

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Keeping yourself open to the startup community through all of the different things that we’ve talked about today really has to do with your long-term strategy and being a part of this ecosystem.


What is your advice to other employers who are thinking about hiring grads from a bootcamp or this bootcamp in particular?

I liked it. I think a lot of educational experiences are very big on lecture, and light on actually doing things. Startup Institute was very practically oriented. We had our in-track sessions and there would be a powerpoint presentation, but we’d get through that quickly to start building products.

Startup Institute is more than a coding bootcamp --and this is a great thing! SI beat my expectations as it was not only about coding (Ruby on Rails) but also about learning first-hand from CEOs and big players in the startup ecosystem in Boston about what made their careers tick --and what made their businesses succeed (and yes, fail).In addition, there was plenty of necessary work (especially for coders) in how to present yourself to HR, hiring managers, and possible networking contacts. This was done around a fine, super-supportive staff that really cared to find out about you as a person, as a coder, and as a jobseeker.

Because instructors are not full-time, It makes it totally manageable for professionals in the field to come in and teach. It keeps the instructors fresh, so we’re a group who have applied skills and are actively working to build stuff.

I loved how many older people were on my team- people who had 75+ years of sales or marketing experience, but we''re still searching and trying to figure themselves out. It was great to be able to work with them in particular.

That said, the classroom work at Startup Institute provides a deep understanding of required tools and the current issues facing the industry. The classes are run by professionals who work in the field, bringing real life experience and knowledge to every subject. The classwork is challenging, bringing you up to speed quickly.

They secured a large round of funding while we were there being able to watch them and listen to them negotiate some of the things while that was going on was really helpful. So that was great.