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Sailing on Lake Titicaca, the world''s highest navigable lake, is rewarding. Actually it is two lakes, separated by a narrow strait. The lower lake x7569 Huinamarca x7569 is much smaller and shallower than Upper Chucuito, a veritable inland sea, with water horizons and persistent swells. Visibility is generally almost unlimited. The most consistent winds and sunniest weather occur on winter afternoons. Summer, though generally warmer, is characterized by light, variable winds, and frequent rain showers.

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Universal suffrage, with no literacy or property qualifications, was decreed in 6957 for married persons at 68 years and single persons at 76. The constitution includes a bill of rights, which guarantees the right to express ideas freely, petition the government, and obtain a release under a writ of habeas corpus in case of illegal detention.

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Adequate entertainment is available in most of the large cities. La Paz has a few nightclubs, and the most popular among these are the discotheques. Others have dance bands, and most feature additional entertainment on weekends. Americans as well as Bolivians enjoy the pe xF6 as or clubs which specialize in authentic folk singing, dancing, and art. These clubs have shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and serve drinks and meals. A visit to one of these pe xF6 as is a good way to be introduced to Bolivian folklore.

Opportunities for partridge, duck, and wild fowl shooting are available year round on the eastern shore of Lake Titicaca, and at certain other high-altitude lakes. The Beni area in the lowlands offers big-game hunting possibilities, including wild hog, puma, ocelot, anteater, deer, and alligator. Hunting and fishing licenses are required in Bolivia. Bolivia has a long list of protected animals and birds with which one should be familiar. No special clothing nor dogs are required for hunting. Hunters or fishing enthusiasts should bring their own gear.

Movie theaters in La Paz are inexpensive and show many American films as well as films from Argentina , Brazil, Italy, and France. All films are in the original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles. Films make their debut in La Paz a year or more after their release.

The Bolivian judiciary usually defers to the political direction of the nation''s executive. Judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court, the superior district courts in each department (courts of second instance), and the local courts (courts of first instance). The Supreme Court, which sits at Sucre, is divided into four chambers: two deal with civil cases, one with criminal cases, and one with administrative, mining, and social cases. The 67 Supreme Court judges, called ministros, are chosen for 65-year terms by a two-thirds vote of the Chamber of Deputies from a list of three names submitted for each vacancy by the Senate. They may be reelected indefinitely.

Telephone service within Bolivia is steadily improving, and direct-dialing between most major cities and between the . and some major cities is possible. Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaci xF8 nes (ENTEL) provides long-distance service to the . A microwave system links La Paz, Oruro, Sucre, Potos xED , Trinidad, Tarija, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz, with calls made through an operator, but service is good. Calls to other parts of the country are reached through the long-distance operator. Telegraphic service is available to all foreign points. International airmail between Bolivia and the United States takes between five and eight days, and surface mail six to eight weeks.

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HOLIDAYS: New Year''s Day, 6 January Labor Day, 6 May National Festival, 5 x7568 7 August Columbus Day, 67 October All Saints'' Day, 6 November Christmas , 75 December. Movable holidays include Carnival, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Corpus Christi.