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That''s not a very INTP thing to say - claiming it''s "almost 655% accurate" when confronted with evidence of inaccuracy? Disagreeing with another person''s personal experience, which is entirely subjective and therefore should not be called into question? If this site typed you as INTP, I''d say we have even more evidence of its inaccuracy.

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That is the point of experience, to shape and or temper your were born with a personality that gets shaped through experiences. Your base personality never truly changes, experiences cause you to make small adjustments and some of those adjustments are taken from other personality types.
I really like this forum and website, one of the very few places where intelligent conversation is the norm and analytics is cool!

The World''s Rarest Personality: INFJ Type Decoded

Some things seem to accurately describe me yet I feel I do not completely identify with this personality type. I am unsure if that is because it is not what I want to hear so I can`t accept it, or if it really did miscategorize me. However, I found it very interesting helpful.

INTP Career Success: Choose the Right Job and Put Your

For further information you can look at some discussion on the youtube channel Talking with Famous People (they''re not famous) as well as some of the free articles on Celebrity Types (it''s not as shallow as it sounds).

also there can be categories you''re the border for i''d suggest also checking out because they give you a percentage for how strong you are in each category

Although INTPs typically prefer careers that have them working with ideas more than people, a contingent of INTPs consider human problems the ultimate frontier of intellectual inquiry. Thus, you find some INTPs in careers that allow them to study the human experience, including psychology and other social sciences.

With all of that being said one can now see how we aren''t exclusively intuitive or thinking. INTPs can also use sensing and feeling (albeit to a lesser degree) though it is not mentioned in the title, INTP. Furthermore, none of what I said was meant to similarly exclude any of the other introverted or extroverted functions either, namely, Te, Ni, Se, or Fi. Some refer to these as shadow functions (this is also a name of contention within Jungian typology) and they too can be utilized though, as with your main functions, it depends on how much you develop them.

You can''t fit everyone into a box. These are more like outlines, with fuzzy, barely-there borders. Most people are going to spill into more than one category, and that''s fine.

INTPs are first and foremost thinkers, and this quality can be seen in their choice of careers. Although INTPs can be found in a wide variety of fields, a happy and satisfied INTP is invariably found in a career that allows them to use their intellect, analyze concepts, and think deeply.

Almost 655% accurate and the only test sample is yourself? Your experience is only one experience, I doubt you can validate the entire system with it (no mean to be rude).