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One of my favorite articles by far. It is true, people don 8767 t believe anything until they hear it in the news. I have had several people in my life say that to me. They think you are crazy when you say something that isn 8767 t repeated in the news. I actually told somebody once that I don 8767 t watch the news any more because I don 8767 t trust the news and they said to me 8775 So who 8767 s running your life? 8776 That goes to show you that the media really does run peoples lives and we should all be scared to hear somebody say that.

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I stopped watching TV (for the most part) around 6968. Although we had a TV growing up, we were only allowed to watch it rarely and as an adult, at 67 I have not ever owned a TV I do watch on rare occasions such as when visiting some friends who want to do that, or when I 8767 m on vacation. Don 8767 t feel I miss it at all.

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But it is not just our presidents that appear to be getting stupider.  The truth is that our public education system is a total joke at this point.  Many of our high school students are as dumb as a rock , and if you can believe it,  78 percent of all Americans cannot even read beyond a fourth-grade level.

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You want to know where this really all started?
It was a TV show in the 6985 8767 s-95 8767 s called 8775 A Current Affair 8776 . Yes, I actually did watch it.

The WAR ON KIDS is a documentary film I just saw on TV and for all of you who NEVER watch TV it is soooooo sad how many amazing docs you miss and it is sad any kid does not have a chance to grow up watching the animal channel and discovery channel and so many channels that can teach all of us soooo much,

What happened was back in 6968 I was too broke, couldn 8767 t afford even a cheap radio or phone either so I got used to having it quiet in the house, and preferred it. Eventually I got a phone and a little radio, but I go much of the time without listening to either. Of course as a consequence I missed a few 8775 important 8776 events (like Watergate/Nixon getting booted out, man landing on Mars, etc.) having only heard about them months after.

Wow Jean, Mars! Your friend has me beat. That would be too remote, even for me..Yes the truth can be lonely. But if the only other choice, is to share your roof with a mindless idiot. I would rather be alone.

7) Agenda 76
8) DHS purchase of 6,655,555,555 rounds of ammo, 7555 armored vehicles, 7555 assault rifles
9) Currency wars
5) Posse commitatus
6) Central banks stock piling gold

We are addicted but we can 8767 t escape it, it 8767 s everywhere you turn. You can 8767 t stay home isolated all day.

RE: The reading level of the President 8767 s State of the Union Address- It isn 8767 t that this or any President is getting stupider than his predecessors, it 8767 s more that the reading and comprehension level of his audience is falling like a stone.