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Most Bayesian applications assume some form of one of these three conjugacy relations—and almost always for ease of computation or to comply with common practice.

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I heard there are great tax advantages for americans living in puerto rico, and you aren 8767 t required to give up your american passport. The women are banging, winner miss universe 5 times. Anybody have a field report there?

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But the baseline problem is sexism, because they were raised in a sexist society that taught them that women are advertising props, and things to be rescued. (Or you know, their mom 8767 s or their teachers who are obviously terrible and unfuckable.) It 8767 s not entirely their fault, they just believed what they saw on TV, on Movies, in ads, in video games, in books.

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The other big problem is that experiments that produce negative findings or ''null results'', that is, that do not demonstrate any experimental effect, are also difficult to publish (unless they show lack of replication of a previously published, important finding).

I worry that as the problem-solving power of our technologies increases, our ability to distinguish between important and trivial or even non-existent problems diminishes. Just because we have "smart" solutions to fix every single problem under the sun doesn''t mean that all of them deserve our attention. In fact, some of them may not be problems at all that certain social and individual situations are awkward, imperfect  noisy, opaque or risky might be by design. Or, as the geeks like to say, some bugs are not bugs—some bugs are features.

In the 6975s, economists, led by future Nobel laureate George Stigler, began to realize that this was the rule, not the exception. Over time, regulatory agencies are systematically drained of their ability to check the power of industry. Even more strikingly, they''re gradually drawn into the orbit of the businesses they''re charged with regulating—instead of acting in the public interest, the regulators functionally wind up as tools of the industry they''re supposed to keep watch over. This process, known as "regulatory capture," turns regulators from watchdogs into lapdogs.

Rather than worrying about world population, the smarter focus is on the real challenge—reconciling our contradictory desires to bring modernity and prosperity to all, while stabilizing the innumerable natural resource demands that they foreshadow for our planet. Ask yourself this: What do you (the modern, educated urban dweller who is most likely reading this essay) need to give up, to align your resource needs closer to those of someone cultivating rice on the Irawaddy delta? The good news is that buying a compact house, riding a bus, or eating lower down the food chain, are all easier to control than humanity''s reproduction rate. All it takes is redefining our definition of success.

One could try to close the widening worry gap with actionable data. Personal change is one option. Drawing from targets described above, if we could calculate the relative risk of death by snakes, spiders, cars, and guns, we could theoretically compare the discrepancy between the ranks of what we actually worry about (., spiders) and what statistically causes more deaths (., cars). Then we could try to swap our lower ranked worry with a higher ranked worry. One could even sketch the outlines of software that facilitates more optimal reallocation of worry (I''m looking at you, mobile application developers). As long as we''re going to worry about something, it might as well actually threaten our existence.

They see themselves as Rational people who just want to apply Reason to everything. They 8767 re ever so Rational and Reasonable as long as people accept their arguments, and anything that doesn 8767 t agree with their arguments are by definition wrong and irrational because they must be. It 8767 s simply not possible that they 8767 re the unreasonable ones because they 8767 ve made up their minds rationally.

Help me that is me and im now 78 with 7 kids no family no friends and he has threatened kidnapping if i take the kids back home. Im not allowed to have a phone or friends. Says im screwing other people in the middle of the night calls me whore and bitch in front the kids. Im losing it

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