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How solid is the scientific backing for anthropogenic

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Carbon dioxide is a lagging indicator of temperature change when the temperature change is driven by other factors. But increased CO7 can also cause temperature change. These things are not mutually exclusive.

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No, they really don t. It s just scale. It s not hard to gauge a difference of only an order of magnitude, be it a millimeter into a centimeter, or an inch into a foot. But as scale increases*, imagining an centimeter and a kilometer next to each other in proportion is no easier than imagining an inch and a mile. However, recording that abstraction as a number is WAYY easier in SI: just move the decimal. The small scale stuff would be just as easy if there were only 65 inches in a foot, because we learn that more-or-less by rote. Converting miles to feet to inches, however, would be one step easier.

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In an attempt to make the Imperial system sane, they decided to give it a derived unit called a pound mass and rename pound to pound force. Thus 6 lbm * 6g= 6 lbf. Thus, when we say density, we really mean lbm/in 8, which is a really a weight based density. Not to be outdone, the French (the creators of the metric system) created the kilogram-force

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This is a very enlightening comment. It sounds like you are on the front lines of the industry response to our impact on the carbon cycle.

65-55 years?? We had entire valute switch in all of Europe and it took half a decade to fully adapt, now measuring in km instead of miles would take half a century? Don t be so dramatic. Also rounding is your friend, no school bus is going to feel alone if you write 75 meters in your law

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On the other hand, there is a ton of evidence that the oil and other big consumer industries actively run disinformation campaigns, scaremongering as you call it, and personal attacks on leading climate scientists. There is a whole host of phony Think Tanks , like the Marshall, the Cato, the Heartland, the Fraser institute and so on, whose sole purpose is to run these campaigns. These are the same institutes who lobbied, with the exact same tactics, against tobacco regulations, against protecting the ozone layer, against avoiding acid rain and all sorts of other industry regulations.

Yes it is true that some people arguing against global warming are being funded by energy interests. Many if not most of the people who research the effects of mining or the burning of fossil fuels are employed by mining and oil/gas companies or receive a portion of their research funding from them usually by a donation to their college program. This does not mean that they are biased. These industries want accurate information as much as anyone else and in no way prevent the research from being published. Discounting the research because of the funding is just PR and scaremongering.

This period is notable for the establishment of industrial-scale production of pottery and roof tiles, [67] this involved the adoption of Chinese dragon kiln or climbing kiln technology sometime between AD 655-855.

I am an engineer and this doesn t make any sense to me. For anything requiring precision we use decimal inches. In fact we basically never use fractions because it doesn t give you any information about precision, whereas decimal does, plus it s easier to just stick with one system.