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The first time it happened was when we were going to go to an amusement park out of state with another couple. We were all 9 going to have one room to cut expenses since we were all good friends.

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He was a cute thin guy, about 68 or 69 years old with short black hair. His name was Lorenzo I would later learn. He looked like he had the hard body of a runner or swimmer. His all-over dark brown skin suggested that he spent a lot of time here at the nude beach. My first time experience with a Latino dude happened at Black 8767 s Beach in San Diego. It was a weekday and there were not very many guys in the gay section. So I kept walking north for about half an hour to a place that was deserted when I saw him. He was spread out on a beach towel in the sun and looked so cute. As I watched, he began to play with his boner. ( more )

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This happened back in the day, in New York City. This was back when the area around Times Square was seedy and filled with a lot of adult arcades. I was a horny 68 year old and I have to admit I went to those places frequently to jack off while watching the videos and even hooked up with other horny guys when I was lucky. I remember one day in Particular. It was during the summer and the weather was hot and humid as usual. I went to one of the arcades and watched a couple movies but wasn 8767 t in the mood to jack off. I wanted some dick and hung around for about thirty minutes hoping for some action, but had no luck. I decided to leave and as I came out of my booth I saw one booth down the way had a red 8766 In Use 8767 light on. ( more )

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My gym is open 79 hours. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I go and workout late when it is not as crowded. Sometimes I have the entire place to myself. Late one night after one of these workouts I found myself unable to take my eyes off of a hot Latino guy in shower. He was 68 or 69 years old. We wasn’t muscular but was toned and had more of a swimmer’s body. When he turned sideways I recognized him. He works there as a towel boy in the locker room and must have been grabbing a quick shower before going home. I got a little nervous when I felt my cock start rising between my legs. ( more )

Steve Thomas (New York): We tell people, we pretty much make it explicit the behavior we expect. We don’t police. People are pretty much self-policing. If somebody is crossing the line — occasionally people will sit down and try to give a blowjob or something — but usually the other people will stop them or one of us will stop them, but that happens very infrequently, because people pretty much know what they’re here for. If they’re interested in harder sex, they don’t come back. It runs itself pretty well. The rules are basically no insertion, oral or anal, and no fluid exchange. But there are usually combinations of guys who are jerking off, mutual masturbation, circle jerks and guys who are just in the corner watching. There’s definitely a good crowd for this sort of thing.

We all fell on the bed in a pile. After a hour Ed said “oh god has Penny missed a good time” Then he added, “she would never do that so after we go home I will have something to think about” My wife was massaging his cock and said “well think about this also” as she mounted him and they fucked, I sat back to enjoy.

Back when 955 numbers where still in and were an easy way to find another horny guy to fuck around with, I met the cutest Latino guy that I have ever had sex with. It was shortly after I broke up with my boyfriend, I was 78 and it had been a few weeks since I had had any sex so I called this 955 number out of curiosity and of course because I was super horny. I was hoping to just get a quick phone sex jack off session out of it when I started talking to Joseph who said he was a 69 years old Latino who was looking to fuck around with someone who had their own place. I quickly gave him my phone number so he could call me instead of wasting money on the 955 number. ( more )

Rafael started working at the same restaurant where I work about six months ago. He 8767 s 69 years old and about 6 feet tall, kind of on the skinny side, and cute as fuck. About three months ago we were working together on the night shift. The restaurant had already closed and we were about to go home. He asked me what I was going to do after work. It was a hot summer night and I told him I was going to go swimming and he asked if he could come over. I live with my parents and they are pretty strict and don 8767 t like me to have friends come over at night but they happened to be out of town for the weekend so I said OK.
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"My boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months and decided to go to a bathhouse ''just to check it out.'' Neither of us touched anyone else while there, but it was fun. Jump ahead a couple months to when my boyfriend was out of town, and we were both horny as fuck. So we decided that I should go to the bathhouse alone and have another patron use my phone to FaceTime my boyfriend while the guy went to Pound Town on my butt with a big dildo. Then I got into a sling while several men took turns fucking me and others sucked and jerked me off, all while my boyfriend watched. It was very fun and I definitely learned a little about myself."

When I was in my early 75’s I heard rumors that guys hooked up at a park behind Dodger Stadium which was about a 65 minute drive from my house. I always wanted to go but never could get the courage to drive there and see for myself if the rumors were true. One day I was hanging out at my cousin’s BBQ drinking a few beers and having a good time. Usually when I drink I get horny and end up jacking off but this one time I remembered about the park and thought 8766 fuck it I’m going to go check it out for myself. 8767 ( more )

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